Remote volunteering in the UK: How does it work and how can you get involved?

Remote volunteering is an evolving and inclusive way to support causes and communities from any location. It uses digital technology to break down geographical barriers, allowing individuals to contribute their volunteering skills and time to organisations worldwide.

The evolution of remote volunteering

Traditionally, volunteering required physical presence. The advent of digital technology, however, has expanded these boundaries, giving rise to remote volunteering. This development enables people to engage in philanthropic activities regardless of their location.

Key benefits of remote volunteering

Accessibility and inclusivity

Remote volunteering provides opportunities for those with mobility issues or living in remote areas. It ensures everyone can contribute, no matter their physical capabilities or geographical location.

Skill development and networking

Remote volunteers can develop and learn new skills, while forming a global network. This is particularly advantageous for those looking to broaden their professional experiences in diverse settings.

Flexibility and convenience

Remote volunteering offers unmatched flexibility, allowing individuals to balance their volunteering with personal and professional responsibilities.

How to get started with remote volunteering

Identifying the right opportunity

Begin by identifying your interests and skills, and look for organisations that match these. Head to our Remote Volunteering Opportunities to get started. Some of our featured remote volunteering opportunities include:

Side by Side Mentor for NYAS

Description: A programme supporting care leavers facing isolation and adulthood challenges. It requires enthusiastic volunteers to assist these young adults with emotional and practical needs, requiring no specific skills but a 12-month commitment. 

Apply here

Check in Calls for Catalyst

Description: Catalyst is seeking volunteers for a weekly phone call programme to support isolated clients. Volunteers will make friendly, non-advisory 'check in' calls through Volunteero’s Volunteer App - a simple act that will significantly improve people's lives and wellbeing. Volunteers should be able to make calls once or twice a week using the app and possess a friendly, non-judgmental approach.

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Ambassador for The Brain Tumour Charity

Description: Ambassadors will work alongside Regional Community Fundraisers, identifying local opportunities to raise awareness and funds for The Brain Tumour Charity. This involves activities like setting up information stands, supporting community groups, presenting at schools and local companies, and recruiting and assisting fundraisers for campaigns such as local walks or baking events. 

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Telephone befriender for Carers Support West Sussex

Description: The "check in and chat" volunteer role involves providing regular social calls to a carer who is socially isolated, aiming to reduce their feelings of loneliness and inform them about available community services and online support. Volunteers will offer undivided attention and a listening ear, helping to alleviate social isolation, loneliness, and promote positive mental health. They are also expected to provide feedback on the calls to the Volunteer team and raise any issues or concerns that arise.

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Preparing for the role

After selecting an opportunity, prepare by understanding the organisation's mission and your role's specific requirements. This might include training or learning new tools and software.

Staying engaged and productive

Establish a routine and maintain consistent communication with the organisation. Regular updates and feedback are vital for a fulfilling remote volunteering experience.

Challenges and solutions in remote volunteering

Overcoming communication barriers

Effective communication is essential. Use digital tools like Zoom, Slack, and email to stay connected with the organisation and other volunteers.

Ensuring impact

To ensure your efforts are meaningful, set clear goals and regularly evaluate your contributions against these aims.

The future of remote volunteering

The outlook for remote volunteering is promising, with technology continually advancing to support more innovative and impactful methods of remote engagement.


Remote volunteering is an effective tool for social change, offering benefits to volunteers and organisations alike. Its flexibility, inclusivity, and opportunities for skill development make it a compelling option for anyone eager to make a difference.

By embracing remote volunteering, individuals not only help beneficiaries but also enrich their own lives, fostering a globally connected community committed to positive change.

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