Volunteer Management App

You'll need to have been granted access to Volunteero before you can use our volunteer app. Book a demo with us to see if Volunteero is the right volunteer management solution for your organisation. Access the app via store download or online at app.volunteero.org

Find and search available missions

Finally volunteers can take the process of claiming and completing tasks into their own hands. Volunteers can browse and search for missions that suit their schedule, location and profile. They can also manage missions they have already claimed or been assigned by your staff.

Find relevant missions
Sort on different criteria, e.g. location
Locate missions that have been inactive
See missions that need enrichment
So much more.

Request approval

We know safeguarding is a huge priority for your organisation and we feel the same way. With the Volunteer App, only registered volunteers are able to see your missions. You can further safeguard clients by publishing missions to specific groups and setting up certain missions to require your approval. Volunteers cannot access sensitive information or do anything with a mission until they are approved.

Request approval to join restricted missions
Sensitive information withheld until approved
Withdraw approval request at any time
So much more.

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Complete missions securely

Save your staff time by allowing Volunteero to give volunteers all that they need. We have built a huge suite of features to support the safe and timely completion of missions by volunteers. They have every tool they could possibly need such as secure calls, shopping lists, location tracking, calendar integration and much more.

Make calls privately
Add to calendar
Link to location
Enrich mission details to help the organisation
Item list to check off, e.g. shopping list with estimated cost
View approved reports from other volunteers to get up to speed
So much more.

Report back

Our quick and easy mission reports take just seconds to submit. Reports track key metrics as well as support other functionality like flags and uploads. Volunteers can also submit expense information and receipts to request reimbursement.

Report necessary information on clients
Log total volunteering time
Evaluate client happiness
Flag any concerns or actions
Keep report private
Add receipts
So much more.

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