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Empower your staff with the most cutting edge volunteer management software available. From building forms and creating flexible missions to reimbursing volunteers, we've got you covered.

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Build forms

Whether you need to create registration or referral forms, Volunteero's form builder has you covered.

Drag & Drop fields to quickly build your desired form
Preview and share your form via link or embed
Automatically notify staff of new submissions
Add relevant support contacts to each form
So much more.

Manage form submissions

Volunteero makes handling form submissions as easy as pie. Each submission follows a specified process, allowing the progress of each submission to be transparently documented and visualised.

Filter submissions by form, process, or stage
Mark stages as not started, in progress, rejected or completed
Comment on each process stage
Onboard applicants with a couple of clicks
So much more.

Create missions

No matter what volunteers do for your organisation, Volunteero has you covered. Missions can be one-off or ongoing tasks which can be set up in a matter of seconds.

Volunteers can join automatically or need to request approval
Provide all the details necessary for successful completion
Limit the amount of volunteers that can join
Make only visible to certain volunteer groups
So much more.

Make custom missions

Mission templates allow you to define the features of a mission so that missions can perfectly represent your volunteering tasks. We have inbuilt features such as secure phone calls, shopping list and location tracking to name a few.

Name and describe your templates
Create as many templates as you need
Specify necessary elements of a mission, e.g. location
Set client safety options, e.g. displaying client's full name
So much more.

Create groups

Groups are the perfect way to organise your volunteers and missions. Groups allow you to segregate your missions, volunteers, insights and more.

Organise volunteers and missions
Limit volunteer access
Add a color, name and description
So much more.

Manage volunteers

Finding the right volunteer for a mission can take time but with Volunteero you can publish missions to your whole volunteer force or select groups of volunteers. You can easily assign the perfect volunteer based on their group, activity or proximity to the mission. You can also approve or reject volunteers that have requested to join a mission.

Assign volunteers to missions directly
Assign volunteers to missions directly
Approve or reject mission approval requests
View information like distance to mission and last sign in
View detailed activity logs
Add volunteers to groups
So much more.

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Assign roles and permissions

Create the exact roles you need within your organisation. Whether you need someone to manage many different regions or just someone to view insights, we've got you covered.

Create roles for your users
Limit access with groups
Block access to various features, e.g. insights
Set permissions like viewer, editor or admin
So much more.

Review reports

See exactly how your clients are doing and what your volunteers have reported. All the mission reports that volunteers submit with valuable information can easily be searched and filtered.

Filter based on criteria like client happiness
Search and sort according to your needs
Hone in on individual reports
So much more.

Check activity

Do you struggle to know what your volunteers are up to? Not anymore! All volunteer actions in the app are logged and you can see that activity at all times.

View all activity across your organisation
Filter based on certain actions, e.g. create report
Search using criteria like volunteer name
So much more.

Receive safeguarding alerts

Your volunteers are your eyes and ears. With Volunteero, they can flag up actions and concerns to you in their reports. These flags can generate immediate email notifications to staff members so your team can rest easy knowing they have an early warning system in place.

Set email notification preferences depending on alert severity
Pinpoint concerns directly
Respond to alerts immediately
So much more.

View insights

No doubt your team spends countless days pulling reports together for funders and trustees. Volunteero offers real time insights across your entire volunteer force. This can be refined to focus on specific groups, mission types and clients. View key metrics around volunteering time, breakdown of volunteer time, client happiness and more.

Real time insights across your whole organisation
View stats like total volunteering time
Filter based on date range
Filter on specific groups or clients
View graphs of client happiness
So much more.

View receipts

Get a complete overview of all the receipts volunteers have uploaded. Easily download the receipts and optionally mark the receipt as reimbursed, being processed or rejected.

View all receipts from volunteers
Search, sort and filter receipts
See claim amounts
Download receipts
Mark as reimbursed, being processed, or rejected
So much more.

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