This page is used to inform visitors of our industry standard security.


  • There is nothing more important to us than the security of your data
  • We have built a culture at Volunteero that places the upmost importance on security and data protection
  • We make frequent reviews of our security protocols and ensure we adhere to the highest industry standards


  • We adhere to GDPR regulations
  • All data is stored in the EU
  • Your organisation’s data is saved securely by Volunteero, and cannot be accessed by anyone but those within your organisation
  • Data is not shared with any third-party and your data never leaves our database, except when you export it


  • We operate on Amazon Web Services servers based in Ireland
  • Our databases are not accessible from the public internet, and cannot be accessed by anyone besides our own services. 
  • All data is backed up every hour
  • We keep extra capacity for redundancy, always operating from multiple data centers to not be dependant on one


  • Organisation admins retain full control over staff and volunteer access
  • Organisation admins can restrict access to data per user
  • Organisation admins can remove all access of their users at any time


  • All data transmitted over the network between you and Volunteero is always encrypted with HTTPS
  • Passwords are always encrypted with best industry practices
  • Only the user themselves can change their password
  • Volunteero cannot access, or change the encrypted passwords

Internal Security

  • We always follow best security practices with our databases and servers
  • Anyone that has access to them must have a strong password and is always required to use 2FA to sign-in
  • All requests to our load balancers, servers, databases, are always logged and monitored for suspicious activity

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