Volunteero of the Week

April 10, 2024


This week we caught up with one of the most active volunteers using our app, Megan! It was great to find out that Megan has been using her spare time whilst studying psychotherapy at University, to volunteer for First Steps ED. First Steps ED is a multi-award winning eating disorder charity who have been using Volunteero for the last six months. With eating disorders being responsible for more loss of life than any other mental health condition, the mission of First Steps ED is a commendable one.

Not only has Megan been a huge help to those in her local community, but she has also found the experience really rewarding on a personal level.

“Volunteering has massively impacted my own self confidence, allowed me to meet a diverse range of new people and connect..It’s challenged my self awareness and aided my own personal growth”

Megan has had her own struggles with mental health in the past and this was one of her main motivators behind volunteering. We have found from our conversations with charities and volunteers that empathy and being a receptive listener are two of the most valuable skills in any befriender. Megan has both of these skills in abundance.

It was rewarding for us to find out that Volunteero has made the volunteering process far smoother for Megan, “the experience with Volunteero has been great… very simple and very easy”. Megan had found that just to get started as a volunteer can be a lengthy undertaking, once even waiting up to 6 months for a response. Now she finds “there is always someone on hand to help and get back to me”. Long onboarding times is an issue that we have heard a lot from volunteers and so we have built a new registration feature to streamline this process for charities and provide a better experience for volunteers. 

Megan's story, like many of our users, is a truly inspiring one. After having her own mental health challenges she decided to try and help others through theres. The world needs more like Megan.

Volunteero is a volunteer management platform for charities. If you would like to know more about the platform please book a demo.

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