How to recruit the best volunteers

Recruiting the best volunteers is a must for any organisation looking to succeed and make a real difference in their community. Whether you're starting from scratch or just looking to improve the quality of your volunteer pool, having the right tools and resources at your disposal can make all the difference - which is where our volunteer management software comes in!

In this blog, we'll share our top tips to attract the most dedicated volunteers and include how utilising a volunteer management system can further enhance your recruitment process.

Steps to recruiting the best volunteers

Finding the right volunteers

The first step in recruiting the best volunteers is ultimately to find the right people. Identifying your ideal volunteer profile can help you focus your recruitment efforts and attract the right candidates. Consider factors such as skills, availability, and interests, as well as any specific requirements for the role. You can reach potential volunteers through online platforms such as Facebook groups, community groups, and events, or even by working with local schools and universities.

Making your opportunity stand out

Of course, simply finding potential volunteers isn't enough. You need to create a volunteer opportunity that will truly stand out, so make sure the role is well-defined and attractive, providing all the information potential volunteers need to make an informed decision. This may include things like flexible scheduling, meaningful work, personal growth, as well as a supportive and inclusive environment.

Clearly communicate the benefits of volunteering with your organisation, including the impact they will have and the skills they will gain. Use photos and videos to showcase your organisation and the work you do, and create an online presence that makes it easy for volunteers to find and apply for opportunities.

Building trust and communication

Building trust and communication with volunteers is key to retaining them and ensuring their experience is a positive one. Start by setting clear expectations and providing ongoing support and feedback. Keep volunteers informed of your organisation's plans and developments, and create opportunities for them to share their ideas and provide feedback.

Regular communication will help build strong relationships with your volunteers and ensure they feel valued and supported.

How does volunteer management software help with recruitment?

Volunteero offers a number of benefits that help when recruiting volunteers. Firstly, by providing digital application forms and submissions, it increases the chances of volunteers applying as it eliminates the hassle of traditional word documents.

Secondly, the platform offers organised and efficient management of submissions which results in a super streamlined onboarding process, reducing the likelihood of volunteers losing interest due to a slow onboarding process.

Finally, the availability of an app could be a determining factor for some volunteers, providing added flexibility and making it easier for them to get involved - which was certainly the case for one of our amazing Volunteeros of the week, Peter

In conclusion, recruiting the best volunteers is a critical part of any successful organisation and it requires a strategic approach. By following these tips and utilising volunteer management software and systems to target the right candidates, you can build a strong and committed volunteer base that will help your organisation achieve its mission.

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