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Volunteer Management Software Revolutionised.

Our volunteer management software is designed to maximise efficiency, minimise stress, and make the volunteering experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

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How our volunteer management software has helped others

“We have absolutely loved working with Volunteero. It has increased our volunteering capacity dramatically and saved our staff countless hours.”
“Not sure how we managed without Volunteero... It's super easy to use and having everything we need in one place means our team can easily coordinate volunteer tasks for our local community.”
"BFT are ever grateful to the Volunteero team for coming up with a wicked idea which supports all we do. Our volunteers can instantly tell us how their clients are feeling."
Street Doctors
“From the first moment we got in touch with the Volunteero team we have been so impressed with their support, professionalism, understanding of our organisational needs and their positive can-do attitude”
Feeding Families
“Volunteero has absolutely changed the way I am running volunteering sessions. It is a massive streamlining of the work I do with a simple interface and encourages volunteers to take responsibility for their volunteering on their mobile devices”
First Steps ED
“As someone who oversees nearly 60 volunteers, Volunteero has freed up some of my time to continue growing the service. Highly recommended!”

What is volunteer management software?

Volunteer management software makes it easy for organisations to set up and manage their volunteers. With our user-friendly tools, you can quickly find and select the perfect volunteer for every task:

Assign volunteers to missions directly
Volunteers you assign are notified and can begin immediately
Approve or reject mission approval requests
View information like distance to mission and last sign in
View detailed activity logs
Add volunteers to groups
So much more
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How can our volunteer management software help you?

Save countless hours on volunteer management and improve volunteer retention and engagement. Empower your staff with the most cutting edge technology available, from building forms and creating flexible missions to reimbursing volunteers.

Charity Dashboard

Empower your staff.

Save countless hours on volunteer management
Gain unparalleled insights
Increase volunteer retention and engagement
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Volunteer Management App

Empower your heroes.

Everything in one place
Feel safe, secure and appreciated
Simple and easy to use
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